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Rodney Combs, Ph.D

Senior Pastor

Rodney’s passionate goal is to do whatever he can to teach, motivate and resource you to experience and share the Incredible life God has planned for you as you become a remarkable follower of Jesus. He relishes learning, thrives on competition, despises boredom, enjoys witty humor and intriguing story-telling, and admires people who leverage their minds, bodies and talents for phenomenal impact. He adores his wife Cyndy, an RN and NP in training, and respects and is energized by his son Evan, a medical doctor, his daughter, Abby, a Marriage & Family Therapist, and his daughter, Elise, a division II student-athlete and nurse in training.

Stephan Scicluna

Family Ministries Pastor

Family ministry has been both Stephan’s source of and outlet for energy since before college. He is passionate about teaching, playing with and loving on kids with the intent to role model what it means to have a purposeful relationship with Jesus Christ. He also hopes that this given career means he never has to fully grow up himself! Stephan has a BA in Practical Ministry from Pillsbury College and Seminary in St.Louis and life long experience in playing and making kids feel loved and important. On his own time, Stephan loves playing ultimate frisbee with his club team, dancing with his wife Leah or doing “tricks” with his daughter Fiona on the trampoline. And don’t be surprised if you see him riding his bike to church any given sunny Sunday morning!

Dan & Gaylene Sears

Global GO Directors

Dand and GayleneDan and Gaylene Sears have been married over 25 years, with 2 grown sons and a granddaughter. Both have had a personal relationship with Christ since they were children and have served in their churches in many different ways. Being raised in Northern Wisconsin, they enjoy everything the outdoors has to offer for each season of the year. They have always had a passion for traveling and immersing themselves in other cultures.

Dan and Gaylene also share a passion for overseas missions and since the first time they visited Haiti, Christ has put even more love in their hearts for the Haitian people. One of their main goals is to develop personal and meaningful relationships while sharing the word and glory of the Lord.

Megan Huels

Administrative Assistant

Megan was born and raised right here in Rockford. She’s got a passion for the city and seeing the people within it live the Incredible Life. She’s happiest serving behind the scenes and loves being able to use her skills to quietly bring people closer to God. Megan’s been married to her husband Brian for 8 years, and together they are busy raising their two young daughters, Ellie and Avery. As a family, they enjoy all things summer and water including boating, skiing, and swimming.

Ciarra Hill

Administrative Assistant

Ciarra is married to Aaron and has attended RVCC for six years, serving in the KidZone for five. She worked in client services for 10 years until bringing those skills to our church staff team. As a volunteer, she feels called to serve children and teach them about Jesus. And she really loves being mom to Asher and Kaya, relying on the unconditional love that Christ has for his children. She says her love for her kids (no matter their mistakes) makes clear the amazing, unending, unconditional love Christ has for all of us (no matter our mistakes)! And if you disagree, don’t pick a fight. She can deadlift 225 lbs and do 10 pullups without pause. Plus, she loves running obstacle races and trail runs.


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