Pull up a seat or grab a tool and let’s get to work. We exist to glorify God by experiencing and sharing the incredible life he has planned for us.

Our community allows explorers to explore, Christ-followers to grow, and all of us to journey together.

River Valley is a place to discover what really matters today – things like family, friends, values, security, truth. No matter where you’ve been or what you’ve done – this is a place where it’s OK to be real. A safe place to find answers at your own pace. A place to experience God in a new way.


We meet at 10 am on Sundays

at 5439 E. State Street

(right behind Guitar Center). 

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At River Valley Community Church, you can expect

  • Authentic people trying to live our lives like Jesus Christ
  • Relevant teaching based on God’s Word
  • Worship experiences with a live band that lasts about 75 minutes
  • Casual Dress
  • KidZone experience

Will I feel welcome?

Yeah! It’s a come-as-you-are culture and there is ‘no experience necessary.’ Dress is casual and love is normal. We are small enough for you to be known and large enough to be interesting. We design our Sunday Experiences to help people exploring Christ find the answers they need while also equipping and challenging those who are already committed to Christ. We like art, coffee, donuts, movie clips, crazy illustrations, and laughter.

What is your music like?

We play music that runs the gamut from rock to pop to blues to acoustic to CCM. If you listen to worship with music, you can do that here. We encourage people to sing during our services, but at the same time, we give you the freedom to just sit back and listen.

What “kind” of church are you?

The good kind, of course! If you mean by that question, “What denomination are you?” we are non-denominational. That means we are not affiliated with any one denomination – we accept all types.