Stir: Words and Worship to Wake Us

June 25- September 3, 2017

God is busy drawing a lost world to himself. God is also busy transforming his people and church to experience his abundant life and join him in sharing it with others. This series wakes us to this mission.

The Messages

#1 June 25:  The Presence of God
What would happen in our church and in your life if God quietly snuck away? if you or no one else would notice, then there is a problem. This message stirs the need for God’s presence in our lives and equips us to experience him. Listen here.

#2 July 2: Seeking
On this Sunday, we will sit with God and let him stir us as he sees fit, without a message from a teacher, but with the expectation of God’s power.

#3 July 9: Here We Are
Church hasn’t always been like it is today, and shouldn’t always stay this way. We should know how we got here and where we could be going. This message reviews the history and stirs us to the possibilities of what church can be. Listen here.

#4 July 16: Imitate Me
We are called to make disciples. This only occurs in a life-on-life way. This message stirs us and equips us to become sold-out followers of Jesus who apprentice others to be the same. Listen here.

#5 July 23: Peace or Pressure?
When God stirs his people, the tendency is to feel the pressure to do more. But that isn’t necessary. This message removes the pressure to perform and stirs us to find God’s peace. Listen here.

#6 July 30: Here We Go

God is stirring us to re-realize that the focus of church is out, not in. We have been called to go as we grow. This message highlights the responsibility and privilege believers have to engage the unchurched outside the church and stirs us to commitment to do so. Listen here.

#7 August 6: Holy Power: Transformational

Which is better- to know and recall all the steps to driving a car well or to be a good driver? There is not question. This message shows us how Christlike people are best equipped to really live and stirs us to be transformed into Christ’s image. Listen here.

#8 August 13: Holy Power: Missional

We have clearly been called to go into the community and share the gospel. When we do, we are not on our own. The Holy Spirit is powerfully with us. This message stirs us with practical ideas on how to go and some spiritual ideas on how to partner with the Spirit. Listen here.

#9 August 27: Life Together

The church should be a beautiful place to find belonging, experienced by the believer and longed for by the seeker. This message stirs us to do life together and to welcome others into our community. Listen here.

#10 September 10: Unstoppable

We all hunger for more, but the more is not found only in this world. We will experience it in our normal lives as we tap into the supernatural power and movement of God. This message calls us to join the unstoppable movement God is stirring. Listen here.