This Could Be US

May 13 – July 1, 2018
Life is about relationships. The better they are, the better we are. Each message in this series connects a biblical truth to our everyday parenting, dating, and marriage relationships. We also watch a scene from the TV show This Is Us to tap into our realities.

The Messages

#1 May 13:  (Mother’s Day) Courageous Mothering
Mothering is rewarding and rough. This message helps moms focus on critical goals while also reminding us of our value and support. Listen here.

#2 May 20:  The Foundations of Marriage
Marriage was God’s idea, and it is one of his best. This message reveals the why of and the way into an ever-growing marriage. Listen here.

#3 May 27:  Choosing Mr. or Mrs. Right
Choosing a marriage mate is one of life’s biggest decisions. This message gives a wise way to choose the right person.

#4 June 3:  The Terribly Difficult Art of Communicating
Communication is necessary for deep and beautiful relationships. This message coaches us to use some often-forgotten attitudes and tools to communicate better.

#5 June 10:  Learning to Fight and Win
All rich relationships involve vulnerability and, therefore, conflict. This message guides us to some serious fighting rules where everyone wins.

#6 June 17:  (Father’s Day) Courageous Fathering
Fathering is rewarding and rough. This message helps dads focus on critical goals while also reminding us of our value and support.

#7 June 24:  On Romance and Ruts
The sexual side of marriage can be magical and yet mystifying. This message unpacks biblical wisdom to spark your romance and escape your ruts.

#8 July 1:  Growing Up with Wounds
We all get hurt along the way, and some wounds linger all along the way. This message calls us to face our wounds and launches us forward because of them.