7 Last Words: Jesus’ Final Statements from the Cross

March 1-April 12, 2020
When we know our time with someone is ending, we make our words count. We waste no breath, and we speak what is most important. When Jesus was dying on the cross, he said seven things. This series prompts us to listen to Jesus’ last words about his death and our resulting life. 


The Messages

#1  March 1:  Forgive Them (Guest Speaker: Eric Jacobs)
Luke 23:34
Jesus was on the cross because of sin, not his, but ours. He was literally on the cross because the soldiers nailed him to it, in spite, in frivolity. So, it is beyond our ability to comprehend how Jesus could ask God to forgive his executioners, but this message leads us to see he does the same for us. Listen here.

#2  March 8:  Today to Paradise
Luke 23:43
Jesus was crucified between two thieves, and each thief revealed a different result that flowed from their different choices to die with or without Christ. This message tackles the importance of the choice and the reality of the results. Listen here.


This teaching series, 7 Last Word, is temporarily suspended. We will continue in the future, when our churches can gather again in person. While the quarantine is in place, we will be teaching and talking about Faith over Fear: Quarantined but not Quelled via streaming, beginning March 15 for an undetermined number of weeks. Check out our facebook page to join the conversation live or watch the recorded video later.

March 15:  (Online Service Sunday) Fear & Faith in View of COVID-19
Our church didn’t gather on this day in order to protect from the coronavirus. In a livestream, a few of us met and discussed how our faith helps our fear. 

March 22:  (Online Service Sunday) Jesus Is in the Boat
When the circumstances around us are not good and the future looks even bleaker, is it possible to have peace and even be happy? This discussion launches us toward the reality that our peace and hope is tied to the presence of Jesus not the condition of our circumstances. 


#3  Here Is Your Son, Here Is Your Mom
John 19:26-27
Jesus’ mother watched him suffer, and Jesus saw her, knowing that she was suffering too. So, he provided care. This message reminds us that we can trust that Jesus will care for us too and that we need to care for others as well.

#4  Why Have You Forsaken Me?
Matthew 27:46
Sin is a problem, and Jesus felt how heavy it is, which is why he screamed, “Why?” This message sparks our appreciation for Jesus, and it stirs our awareness of sin’s impact on us.

#5  I Am Thirsty
John 19:28-29
Jesus suffered in the most horrific ways. His word of thirst reminds us of our needs in our pain. This message unsettles us as we realize suffering is unavoidable, but it then comforts us as we see the resources we have in and through Jesus.

#6  It Is Finished  (Guest Speaker:  Rod Tucker)
John 19:30
Jesus was born to die, and his death completed the most critical mission on earth. When he finished his purpose, our purpose began. This message highlights what “finished” meant and what it now means for us.

#7  Into Your Hands I Go
Luke 23:46; Luke 24:1-8
We fear death because we don’t know when it will come or what it will be like. Death displays our feebleness, but not so with Jesus. His final statement reveals his power and control of everything, and this message reminds us of our security when we follow him.