Re-Gift: In a World of Getting, We Can Give What We’ve Already Gotten

December 2-23, 2018
At Christmas we celebrate God as our divine gift-giver and the joyful life he gives through Jesus. We spread happiness exchanging all sorts of presents. Let’s think about some phenomenal gifts we received from God and figure out how to give what we’ve already gotten.

The Messages

#1 December 2: Re-Gifting My Forgiveness 
(2 Corinthians 2:5-7; Matthew 6:14-15) Jesus came to offer forgiveness. It’s undeserved by us, but the only way our relationship with him is restored. Let’s consider how we can re-gift forgiveness to others and rebuild our relationship with them. Listen here.

#2 December 9: Re-Gifting My Goods
(Acts 2:44-45; 4:36-37; Proverbs 3:27) Jesus promised to provide for our physical needs. Often, he does that abundantly, and not solely for our benefit. Let’s consider how we can re-gift our goods and revivify hope in others. Listen here.

#3 December 16: Re-Gifting My Prayers
(2 Kings 6; John 14-16; James 5:16) Jesus paved the way for a personal and powerful relationship with him. He offers a conversational life through prayer where he responds to our requests. Let’s consider how we can re-gift our prayers and re-open a blocked path for others by praying for them.

#4 December 23: Re-Gifting My Incredible Life
(John 3:16; Romans 1:14-17; John 10:10) Jesus came to earth for one overriding purpose. He showed us and equips us how to live well. Let’s consider how we can re-gift our incredible, Christ-following life and reproduce that life in others.


December 30: Time with Family- NO CHURCH SERVICES