God’s Personality

March 31 – May 5, 2019
An accurate understanding of God is our most important thought-task. It shapes our ideas of truth, drives our choices and enlivens our souls. This series presents God by looking at six key pieces of his personality and character.


The Messages

#1 March 31: Love  (Guest Speaker: Connie Rogers)
God is love. The Bible has a favorite word that describes a characteristic of God towards his people:  hesed.It combines the traits of his kindness and love and loyalty. This message will kick-off this series by revealing God’s unfailing love. Listen here.

#2 April 7:  Big
God is big.  He is more massive than we can imagine. He is in control and has no fears. A true view of him will bring our smallness into perspective and our amazement into light. Listen here.

#3 April 14:  Fair
God is fair—every time, in everything, in every way. An unfair God would be demanding and unreasonable. A fair God would be trustworthy and respectable. His fairness will answer many of our questions and provide for our security. Listen here.

#4 April 21:  Compelling (EASTER)
God is compelling. Easter is the celebration of Jesus’ victory over sin and death, but behind that is God’s chasing and persuading us to move toward him. How great is it to be pursued by God?

#5 April 28:  Smart
God is smart. No one wants to follow someone who has a big heart and a lot of power but doesn’t know the important things. God is a reliable leader who is the definition of intelligent.

#6 May 5:  Good
God is good. It wouldn’t matter if God was love, big, fair, compelling, and smart if he were not also good. Understanding his goodness changes everything about how we think about and relate to God.