40 Day with Jesus (and John)

August 2-September 27
What would happen if you figured out who God was and truly believed it? When we see Jesus, we see God. We will think through one passage from the Gospel of John each Sunday and get to know God better. In addition, we encourage you to join a 40 Day Group to read through all of the Gospel of John and discuss weekly what God is saying to you and what you will do about it. Can you imagine what would happen if we genuinely encountered Jesus through John and followed his lead?

This series is found at our facebook page, since we stream it live each Sunday. There is no podcast. Once we start in-person meetings, the message podcasts will be here.


The Messages

Preparation,  July 19:  How to Read the Bible (for Information and Devotion)P

Prelude,  August 2:  Jesus is Good (John 1:1-

#1 August 9:  Jesus Invites Us to Be with Him (John 1-18)
Read John 1-3

#2 August 16:  Jesus Is Who We Need and Different than We Expect (John 6:25-59)
Read John 4-6

#3  August 23:  Jesus Is Worthy (John 8:48-59)
Read John 7-9

#4  August 30:  Jesus Is a Caring King (John 10:1-21 and 12:12-19)
Read John 10-12

#5  September 6:  Jesus Is the Source (John 14:15-15:17)
Read John 13-16

#6  September 13:  Jesus’ Prayers for Us (John 17:1-26)
Read John 17-19

#7  September 20:  Jesus Is More than We Know (John 20:30-31)
Read John 20-21

BONUS  September 27:  Jesus Has a Plan for Us (John 21:15-25)
Read John 1-21