Bah Humbug: Our Need for A Christmas Carol

December 1-December 24, 2019
The beauty of holiday charm can overshadow the elegance of what Christmas brings. Ebenezer Scrooge didn’t see either until he was given a glimpse at the world from a new angle. In this Christmas series, we’ll refocus four of our own ghosts: past regrets, present troubles, future fears, and the always-lurking performance pressures. Listen here.

The Messages

#1  December 1:  The Ghost of Past Regrets
It is one thing to get away with something. It is quite another to be haunted by it, and regrets haunt. This message investigates the actions of the ancestor of Jesus, King David, who committed horrendous acts, and it invites us to let God redeem our past regrets. Listen here.

#2  December 8:  The Ghost of Present Troubles
It is one thing to be confident in who we are. It is quite another to be transformed into who we were meant to be. This message investigates how God wrestled with two people from two different eras (Jacob and Joseph), and it invites us to yield to God’s transforming work in our present troubles.

#3  December 15:  The Ghost of Future Fears
It is one thing to make plans for our future. It is quite another to face our future without fear. This message investigates the stories of the various people around Jesus’ birth (Mary, Joseph, the wise men) who had plenty of reasons to fear and even more reasons not to, and it invites us to trust God with our future fears.

#4  December 22:  The Ghost of Ongoing Performance Pressure
It is one thing to want to do good. It is quite another to place our value in what we do. This message investigates the mother of Jesus as she figures out who her son is, and it invites us to receive from Jesus relief from our ongoing performance pressure.

#5  December 24:  The Scrooge Effect (Christmas Eve)
It is one thing to be redeemed. It is quite another to want others to join you. This brief message at our Christmas Eve service investigates the shepherds who saw the baby Jesus, were changed, and enthusiastically told everyone.