Rooted: A Conversation about Reading the Bible to Live

July 8 – August 26, 2018
Rooted is a teaching series about what the Bible is and how to understand it. But it’s more than that, because the Bible should be much more than that for us. Rooted is a catalyst for conversations about skills and methods for God’s living Word to bring life to us…daily, colorfully, powerfully, cheerfully.

The Messages

#1 July 8: Rooted to Really Live
This message motivates us to read the Bible in a way that produces a new kind of life. Listen here.

#2 July 15: A Daily Time with God—The Basics
This message gives us some basic helps so we can immediately start experiencing God daily through the Bible. Listen here.

#3 July 29: Read It Like a Book
This message teaches how to read the Bible accurately. Listen here.

#4 August 5: Our Private Trainer
This message shows us what the Holy Spirit wants to do for us as we read the Bible.

#5 August 12: Read It Like an Autobiography (Connie Rogers–Guest Speaker) 
This message guides us to apply interpretation skills to see how God reveals himself in the Bible.

#6 August 19: A Daily Time with God—Spiritual Reading
This message opens the way for us to more easily meet God daily.

#7 August 26: Reading to Live with Others
This message reminds us that God built us for community and invites us to read together.