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Rally Caps: There’s Still Hope

September 17- November 26, 2017

It’s more than superstition. It’s a message and a motivator. Fans and baseball players wear their caps inside out, backwards, sideways or a combination of all when they are behind and ready to rally. It’s about faithful expectation and focused effort. This series overhears a rally cap conversation in first-century Corinth so each of us can rally our lives too. There’s still hope.

Contract Disputes: I’ll Sue, Or, Not

November 12 Ours is a litigious society. People get rich from frivolous lawsuits and others are destroyed by them. What is a Christian to do when they have been violated? This message discusses the deeper issues around lawsuits and gives practical guidelines for making important decisions around legal issues. Download the web guide here: (1…

Rogue Teammates: Immorality Issues

November 5 When the truth of God’s grace and freedom are realized, there is the danger of misusing that freedom. The Corinthian church and today’s churches struggle when that freedom leads to immorality. This message discusses the importance of morality and the challenge of dealing with sexual immorality as a church. Download the web guide…

Player Coaches: What to Look for in Spiritual Leaders

October 29 The church must never emulate worldly enterprises and choose leaders accordingly. Often times, what people want in spiritual leaders are slick and productive political types. This message shows two primary characteristics of spiritual leaders we should follow. Download the web guide here: (1 Corinthians 4:1-21)

Trust the Manager: Be Wise Fools

October 22 It is easy to get caught up in the things of the world. It is normal to think we understand. But God’s ways are different. This message reminds us that wisdom is needed and it is only gained by the truly humble. Download the web guide here: (1 Corinthians 3:18-23)

More Than Rookies: You Gotta Grow Up

October 15 Becoming a Christian is not the end but the beginning. Many people, like many of the Corinthians, find salvation but are never sanctified. This message leads us to be born again and then to grow up so that we can experience the richer parts of life. Download our web guide here: (1 Corinthians…

Our Team’s Philosophy: Good Thoughts vs. Godly Wisdom

October 8 The world consists of more than we see and there is a better way to navigate than by knowledge alone. First Corinthians speaks of the massive and practical difference between worldly thoughts and divine wisdom. This message seeks to convince us to gain God’s wisdom and tells us how. Download our web guide…

Our Team’s Uniqueness: The Contrarian’s Cross

October 1 There are many views about God, heaven, and even Christ. The Christian gospel is that Jesus’s death on the cross is the central event in history and our salvation. This message shows how the world’s philosophy and the Christian gospel differ and calls us to embrace the cross. Download the web guide here:…

How to Hurt Our Team

September 24 The Corinthian church was a mess. The core problem was disunity. It’s a common problem. This message shows the seriousness of conflict in churches and how to overcome it every time. Download the web guide right here: Rally Caps Web Guide 9-24 1 Corinthians 1:10-17

The Beauty of the Christian Team

September 17 Paul responded to the relevant questions of the Corinthian church with practical answers that benefit us too. This message shows how the church began and it reminds us of the beautiful things given to us if we have chosen to follow Christ. Download the web guide right here:Rally Caps Web Guide 9-17 (Acts 18:1-11 and…

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