Find Where You belong!

We want to help you find the place where your talent, interests and the worlds’ needs intersect.  We all have gifts, so we need to find out what they are and use them to make the most impact on this work we can for Christ and his kingdom. It takes a host of volunteers to operate the ministries of River Valley. Whether you are a kid-lover or a high-tech operator, we have a place for you to serve. Listed here are some of those opportunities that you can jump into right away. Teaching and leadership positions are not listed because they require training and deeper commitments.

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Opportunities for You to Serve the Church:

Guest Services Team

Guest Services Team: This entire team strives to provide a warm and inviting atmosphere on Sunday mornings, with special attention to our guests. This mission is accomplished through several sub-teams Greeters, Information Center, Cafe, & Security.

Greeters: The Greeter Team extends hospitality at the doors and in the atrium with a warm smile and a real welcome. This team is trained to meet people where they are and are encouraged to be sensitive to those who appear to appreciate their space.

Information Center: The Information Center Team are friendly, accommodating, and informed folks who strive to welcome guests and help them get connected to the people, ministries, and events of River Valley Community Church.

Cafe: The Cafe Team extends River Valley Church hospitality by providing a great complimentary spread of beverages and finger foods before and after the Sunday Experience.

Assimilation Team: The Assimilation Team is passionate about assisting our guests as they discern their next steps in their personal journeys with God, specifically in relationship to RVCC. This team follows-up (with phone calls, emails and cards) with all guests who complete a KidZone Information Form or Connection Card. It is the ultimate purpose of this team to assimilate guests into official members of the RVCC family.

To learn more about any of these opportunities, contact Nancy Tomlin.

Worship Arts

It takes a whole team of people to put on a Sunday Experience. From lighting to sound, media, drama, vocalists and instrumentalist, photographers, and more, we rely on the creativity of our artistic River Valley Community Church body.

Worship Team: The worship team has the privilege of leading others in worship in our weekly services. We help others connect with God.  You should be comfortable in front of others and exude a passion for Jesus that goes beyond just singing or playing. We need instrumentalists & vocalists of all skill levels and ages.

Tech Team: The tech team happily serves in the background of every weekly experience that we have. Although they are rarely seen onstage, nothing would get done without these critical volunteers.  If you a focused, detail kind of person there are many ways to serve, i.e. creating and running media slides for songs and sermons, running a light or sound board & creating videos are a few options.

Design Team: the Design team creates logos, graphics, design stages and sets, they take photos of events, etc.  These positions demand a highly artistic person who’s willing to give of their creative heart to further God’s kingdom.

Production Team: The Production Team enjoys making and building things.  They have mad construction and destruction skills and enjoy using what they have on hand to make stages or sets or who knows what else!  These are the people who Get ‘Er Done! If this is you, there are many ways to serve.

Drama Team: The Drama Team enjoys bringing ideas to life with their creative skills.  Actors, writers, and hosts (who warmly welcome our church and engage others with information about church events) are needed!  

Imagineering Team: The Imagineering Team enjoys taking sermon notes and designing experiences that will engage our congregation with the message of God’s Word.  Out of the Box thinkers, writers, teachers & musicians are welcome this team.  

There are many areas we could use your help: To learn more about serving in any of these areas, contact us.

Set Up Team

The Set Up Team works to support our various classes by supplying lunch, helping with set-up, and providing childcare for these classes. To learn more, contact Nancy Tomlin.

Special Events Team

The Special Events Team is a team of people who love planning and executing special events for the RVCC family and bridge events to reach out to the community. To sign up, contact Nancy Tomlin.


We call our children’s ministry KidZone. There are many entry-level positions available where you can serve. Our primary ministry is on Sunday mornings, where you can serve once a month as a helper with newborns up through 5th grade. To learn more, contact Stephan Scicluna.

Our Check-in Team extends hospitality at the KidZone check-in desk, helps families to get nametags for each child, helps get kids to their classrooms and makes sure new families feel very welcomed.

Our Large Group Storytellers enjoy being in front of a group of kids as they use creative and engaging ways, such as simple props and costumes, to involve the kids in the Bible story of the day. Storytellers also lead the kids in kid-sized worship, learning the verse of the month and memorizing the Books of the Bible using kid-friendly media.

Our Small Group Leaders love to get on the floor and interact with the kids as they review the Bible story using a variety of supplied creative activities and questions. Our Small Group Leaders love to meet kids where they are and help them in their journey to know Jesus.

Our Administrative Assistants are the detail people that keep the ministry going. They may prep materials beforehand, help to secure and organize supplies, or help with record keeping.

Our Youth Helpers are in grades 6th – 12th and can serve twice a month in a classroom, helping the room leader with crafts, snack, the lesson, and playing with the kids in the room.

Our Security Team Members serve one time a month and are given the charge of making sure that our kids are safe before, during and after the service. They are there to help in case of an emergency and provide a sense of safety.

Our Floaters serve KidZone by being available to help the classroom leaders by paging a parent for a crying baby, getting extra snacks for a class, double checking our rosters with the number of kids in each room or helping to take children to the bathroom.

Our Nursery team loves to hold babies, change diapers, rock those that need comfort, and tell our little ones how much God loves them!

PowerSource Team

Prayer is the heartbeat of the PowerSource team. This team meets every Sunday at 9 a.m. to pray. They also pray individually throughout the week for submitted requests and are intentionally looking for more and more ways to involve more and more people in prayer.To sign up, contact Ciarra.

Admin Team

The Administration Team enjoys helping support the staff and mission of RVCC by doing some of the Administrative tasks as needed (office, shopping, organizing, assembling, etc.) To learn more, contact Ciarra.

Student Ministry

If you love teenagers, then you ought to volunteer in the River Valley Student Ministry. There are lots of ways to plug in with junior high or high schoolers hosting, leading games, going on retreats, leading devotions, or just hanging out. To learn more, contact Stephan Scicluna.

Small Group

We have groups that meet in all areas of town and most nights of the week, & that means that we have lots of ways to serve our different Small Groups. You could host a group in your home, or be a Journey Guide for other believers.
Explore the options with.

A committed Christ-follower who leads & cares for a group of 8-15 people who meet on a consistent basis providing a predictable environment where group members can experience growth in Christ-likeness, community with others & influence with seekers.

Someone who opens his or her home & creates a comfortable environment for their small group meetings.

Behind the Scenes

Hammers & Nails is the handy man project team. Jeremy Palmer leads this team of men who love to fix things for people in need, inside and outside of the church walls. They meet at least once a month. Please contact Jeremy Palmer for more information.  

Every 3rd Saturday of the month, this group of men meets for Prayer and breakfast. Buster Riggins and Bruce Dantuma head up this team, Contact them for more information.

The Sparkle Team meets every other Saturday at the church to make sure the place just sparkles from top to bottom! Contact Jeremy Palmer to help out this vital ministry.