We are going into the world…

To help as many people as possible experience and share the incredible life God has planned for them. We are also privileged to personally share Christ and serve others around the globe in Christ’s name. Our primary strategy now is to focus on one area of the world where we believe we can make a difference.

Currently, we are focusing on the La Belle Mer community in Haiti. We have a team of Haitians we support and are building into to accomplish practical and spiritual good. We train pastors, provide spiritual direction, build schools, homes, wells, gardens, and our primary focus now is installing sustainable water filters while equipping our team to turn this into a business and ministry.

To learn more about our water filter mission, go here.

Our 5 year vision is for La Belle Mer to be a community where the Word of God is not only preached and taught but is also acted out on a daily basis. We envision a model community in which educational workshops can be held to teach people the skills to earn a living and live a self-sufficient life.

God is always working to extend his offer of salvation far beyond our local community. Not only is the offer of salvation being made to the nations of the world but also God is sending his people to care for the down and out around the world. In Jesus’ teaching he reminds us that, Whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me (Matthew 25:40).

What can you do? Look at your options to pray, give and go and if you are interested in serving globally, contact Dan and Gaylene Sears, our GO:Global leaders.

church at la belle mere


Contact Dan & Gaylene Sears:


All ministry is impossible outside of the power of God, especially in a global environment that is deeply hurting. Pray individually that Christ will be made known around the globe and specifically in the places where our people go. Pray that God will lead our church to invest in areas around the world where he is already at work. Pray that we will know how to most effectively minister. Pray that God will show you how you should engage the global community.


If you are unable to go across the world, you can give globally in several ways. You can give of your time and expertise as we prepare and plan to meet the global needs. You can give financially to support the ongoing ministries and to support those who do wish to travel. You can give frequent flyer miles to help others travel. You can give in other ways that will be communicated over time.


You are invited to go with us on our global mission trips. The details will be posted here as we continue our research and exploration. The next trip to Pignon, Haiti is currently being planned for early 2014, stay tuned and contact Dan and Gaylene for more information.