April 14 God is fair—every time, in everything, in every way. An unfair God would be demanding and unreasonable. A fair God would be trustworthy and respectable. His fairness will answer many of our questions and provide for our security. Gods Personality web guide 4.14.19


April 7 God is big.  He is more massive than we can imagine. He is in control and has no fears. A true view of him will bring our smallness into perspective and our amazement into light. Gods Personality web guide 4.7.19  

Love (Guest Speaker: Connie Rogers)

March 31 God is love. The Bible has a favorite word that describes a characteristic of God towards his people:  hesed. It combines the traits of his kindness and love and loyalty. This message will kick-off this series by revealing God’s unfailing love. Gods Personality web guide 3.31.19  

How Not to Ignore the Doors

March 24 The story of the rich young ruler reveals that many things can capture our attention and lead us away from the doors, the decisions to radically follow Jesus. Doors Web Guide 3.24.19

The Chill Door

March 17 There is a door of joyful confidence, no matter the circumstances, no matter our mistakes. This message equips us to trust in God’s sovereignty and find the wonderful ability to chill. Doors Web Guide 3.17.19

The Servant Door

March 10 There is a door of servanthood, living life for others and bringing life to them. This message equips us to serve others and find more life than if we served ourselves. Doors Web Guide 3.10.19

The Moral Door

March 3 There is a door of morality, and it is often not easy to choose. This message equips us to make a solid decision at this time to make the right choices every time. Doors Web Guide 3.3.19

The Steward Door

February 24 There is a door of stewardship, making the choice to be a care-taker and not an owner. This message equips us to become stewards of everything we have so we can enjoy the benefits now and in the future. Doors Web Guide 2.24.19

The People Door

February 17 There is a door of friendship, with deep, abiding, faithful folks. This message equips us to develop true friends whom we do life together with and find life from. Doors Web Guide 2.17.19

The Spirit Door

February 10 There is a door of the Holy Spirit. This message equips us to go through that door so we can hear God’s voice and know his ways daily. Doors Web Guide 2.10.19