Everything We Do!

Everything we do and everything you need to focus your life merges into three simple words: Know, Grow, Go. Our strategic Know-Grow-Go Process will move you forward through the stages of spiritual growth. We align everything in our church around this simple process.

You must first KNOW God and His ways.

  • Come Sunday mornings at 10 a.m. when we gather in community to be equipped, encouraged, and experience God. We will help you know him by experience.
  • Come to Newcomers Class.  This Sunday afternoon interactive seminar provides a crash course in how to know Christ and consider membership in the church.
  • Consider giving your life to God by receiving salvation. This is how you know God personally. You can learn more about How to get know God personally here.
  • Participate in a Christianity Explored, a 6-8-week small group designed as an easy on-ramp into community and to answer three questions at the heart of Christianity: Who was Jesus? Why did he come? What is involved in following him?
Then you should GROW in community and Christlikeness. Every believer needs to be committed to deepening a relationship with Christ through both personal and corporate time with God.

  • The easiest way to grow in community is to join a small group of some kind that meet in homes. Here is where authentic relationships can be built and real life-change can be experienced. You can find out more about our Small Groups here.
  • Come to Base Camp: Preparation for the Journey. Base Camp is a small group that lasts approximately 7 sessions. It provides immediate relationships within River Valley and equips you to understand and practice four important habits that lead to spiritual growth and set you up for a Journey Group
  • Journey Groups are small groups of 8-12 people meeting in homes weekly or bi-weekly, where a mature and equipped follower of Christ (a Journey Guide) trains group members with a variety of tools and adventures in biblical knowledge, spiritual growth, and missional accomplishment so that they are mature and equipped to train others within 1 1/2 years. The focus is transformational missional discipleship for growing Christians ready to really grow and go.
  • We often offer special seminars to help you grow in Christlikeness. These are Grow U classes (6-10 week long classes on leadership, theology, or practical matters like marriage or finances).
The outflow of KNOWING and GROWING is GOING. When we GO, we share the gospel with others and we serve the church, the local community and the global world.

  • You can start going with the gospel right away by building relationships with unchurched and unsaved people, bringing them to church, and telling them your story about giving your life to Jesus.
  • We have multiple ways to help you get going in the Rockford area, in our Haiti project, or with other global partners. Explore all of the options on our Serving page here.
  • Not sure of where you might fit? You can also do First Serves, which means you just start serving someplace in the church and figure out if it is a good fit or not.