Online Giving Is Here…

You can give to God right here, right now, and help support the mission of River Valley. Online giving gives you convenience and allows you to:

  • Easily track and adjust your giving
  • Easily keep track of your giving history
  • Link directly to a bank account or use a credit card
  • Give Online right here.
  • Setup scheduled & recurring giving here.
  • See your giving history at any time through your inFellowship account.
  • We welcome you to give in the most convenient way, but knowing the estimated fees charged to the church might be useful: 5% for Credit Cards, 4% for Debit Cards, and 2% for Bank Drafts.”



You can always donate in these ways too:

  • On Sundays with cash or a check made to RVCC.
  • With online bill pay through your bank.
  • Through the Amazon Smile Program, you can designate River Valley as your Charity of choice while you are shopping at   Just Click Here to start Shopping.
  • In person at the office during the week.
  • Or by mail:

River Valley Community Church

5439 East State Street
Rockford, IL 61108.

Phone: (815) 395-1555

Why are churches always asking for money?

We don’t give to the church. We give to God through the church as a way to carryout God’s mission. Giving funds the mission that changes lives, and giving trains our character to trust God and become generous. In fact, we take time to teach the importance of good financial management and giving because God says our lives are better when we help care for others and are good stewards. The money that is collected through our offerings is used to support the ministries of this church, pay salaries of staff, maintain our facilities and support various outreach/missions efforts. Being a non-denominational church means that this is the only source of funding we receive. We are serious about keeping good financial records and being above reproach. We have a system of checks and balances, and our books are open to any church member at all times. All financial gifts given to our church are tax deductible to the full extent allowed by law, and all givers receive a contribution statement at the end of the year. Plus, you can see your giving history at any time through your InFellowship account here.