Current Small Groups

We have groups that meet in homes and at church. Just click on the button below and tell us what looks like a good fit.

Find a Group for You

We have four different kinds of small groups based on what you are looking for.

  • Christianity Explored groups:  6-8-week small groups that meet weekly as easy on-ramps into community and answer three questions at the heart of Christianity: Who was Jesus? Why did he come? What is involved in following him? These groups will meet periodically through the year. The focus is knowing God for the seeker and the new believer.
  • Connection groups: These are small groups of any number that meet at church or in homes weekly or bi-weekly for a set amount of time to accomplish a specific task (a book study, fellowship around a felt-need or event, etc.).
  • Base Camp groups: Base Camp is a small group birthed out of our Newcomers class that lasts approximately 7 sessions.  It provides immediate relationships within River Valley and equips you to understand and practice four important habits that lead to spiritual growth and set you up for a Journey Group.
  • Journey groups: These are small groups of 8-12 people meeting in homes weekly or bi-weekly, where a mature and equipped follower of Christ (a Journey Guide) trains group members with a variety of tools and adventures in biblical knowledge, spiritual growth, and missional accomplishment so that they are mature and equipped to train others within 1 1/2 years. The focus is transformational missional discipleship for growing Christians ready to really grow and go.