December 20th, 2015 (Matthew 1:23) Immanuel means, “God with us.” This message considers what it means that God became a person and calls us to worship him and yet wonder in the mystery of all that. Download the Web Guide here what’s in a name webguide 12-20


December 13th, 2015  (Luke 2:11) Jesus came as the Christ, or, Messiah. This message guides us to see what people expected from the Messiah and how Jesus redefined that role. It then offers the salvation he bought. Download the Web Guide Here: what’s in a name webguide 12-13


December 6th, 2015 (Matthew 2:5-6; Psalm 23) Everyone who lived around sheep knew what a shepherd was and did. This message unpacks the meaning of a shepherd and invites us to gladly follow the Good Shepherd. Download the Web Guide Here. what’s in a name 12-6 webguide

Son of the Most High God

November 29th, 2015  (Luke 1:32-33)  When Jesus was called the “Son of the Most High,” the angel proclaimed Jesus’ deity. This message explores what that means and challenges us to trust Jesus because he is fully God. Download the Web Guide Here: What’s In a Name? 11-29 webguide