March 11 All around us are hurting people in need of help. All around us are lost people in need of a Savior. This message refreshes our mission to bring both to those who want them. Download the web guide here: Refresh Web Guide 3.11.18


January 21 Money is a useful thing. You can do a lot with it, and the more you have, the more you can do. But it can also destroy us. This message focuses on two decisions that will refresh and sustain our whole experience with money. Download the web guide here: Refresh Web Guide 1.21.18


December 10 Giving gifts at Christmas can be delightful and dreadful, depending on your level of abundance. We serve a God who has a lot and who loves to share. Seeing God’s abundance changes our confidence and generosity. Download the web guide right here: Simply Christmas Web Guide 12-10

The Experience Part of Worship

June 14th, 2015 Every Sunday is supposed to be a worship experience, but what does that mean? What do we experience? This message presents the foundation of worship and calls you to an addictive experience.  Pastor Rodney explains Worship from Isaiah 6 Download the Web Guide here: 2015-6-14WebGuide

It’s Not a Waste (Tim Ramsden)

June 7th, 2015 our guest speaker Tim Ramsden brings us a message from 2 Samuel chapter 23 and Matthew 26 entitled, “It’s Not a Waste”.  Download the web guide here. 2015-6-7WebGuide

The Do Gooders (Tom Clinton)

May 31st, 2-15   Guest Speaker—Tom Clinton, Director of  First Love International Ministries will bring today’s message.  He will teach us about What moved Jesus to compassion & how that compassionate feeling caused him to act. For more information on His ministry Click Here.

Above All Else: Love

2015, May 24th.  Jesus clearly and succinctly told us the greatest tasks of every human. But how do we do those? This message shows how relevant and possible it is to do what God wants us to do above all else.  (Luke 10:27)  Download the Web Guide Here.  2015-5-24WebGuide2


January 26th, 2014 (Matthew 5:17-6:18) We have trained our bodies and minds to do certain things. Some of them aren’t good. Some are zoloftanxiety.com really bad, sin even. Jesus said we can’t experience the life he has planned and continue in sin at the same time. This message helps us stop the sinning and frees…

How Can I Know God?

How Can I Know God? Your desire to know God is evidence that God wants to know you personally and that he has incredible plans for you. The Bible says no one can even want to know God unless God first pursues him or her (John 6:44). Ultimately, you need to give Christ your life…

January lessons and videos

Here are the challenge cards, family activity sheets and the videos for this month’s theme, “I Can Follow Jesus.” 1st – 5th grade January Challenge cards 1st – 5th grade Parent Guides January 5 1st – 5th grade Parent Guides January 12 1st – 5th grade Parent Guides January 19 1st -5th grade Parent Guides…