A Corrupted Concept of God

November 27  Genesis 10–11 When the tower of Babel went up, the view of God went down. We all tend to corrupt the concept of God and, when we do, we move away from God. This message helps us correct our corrupted concepts. Download the web guide right here: Beginnings-Web-Guide-11-27

Our Sin & God’s Stability

November 20  Genesis 9 A rainbow reminds us of something wonderful and powerful. In the midst of our sin cycles, there is hope and help from our unchanging God. This message shows how God provides the stability to society, ecology and us. Download the web guide right here: Beginnings-Web-Guide-11-20

Noah – How to Experience More of God

November 13  Genesis 6:8–8:22 If you think about it, God made a big ask of Noah. Noah’s faithfulness paved the way, however, to an amazing ride and an unbelievable experience with God. This message gives you the path to your own God-experience and prepares you to accept his big ask. Download the web guide right…

God’s Hurting Heart

November 6  Genesis 5:1–6:8 There are clouds brewing and the first rains are coming. At this point in Genesis, the Great Flood is about to change the world. But before that happens, the pain of God was seen. This message shows how heart-broken God was with people before The Flood and what causes his heart…

The Story of Grace

October 30  Genesis 4 Fortunately for all people, the story of sin is potentially swallowed by the story of grace. The first children on the planet, Cain & Abel, developed their inherited propensity to sin in an outrageous event, but God offered grace. For no other reason than love, God still makes the offer. This…

The Story of Sin

October 23  Genesis 3 Genesis 3 is the first and best suspense story ever told. There is a talking serpent, an enchanting fruit, lies, deception, and certain death. That story invades our story. This message demonstrates how sin is in all our lives and how sin separates us from our lives. Download the web guide…

The Creation of Creativity

October 16  Genesis 2:8-15 The earth and people were not created perfect. There is still work to be done, and joining God in that work is one of the most fulfilling processes there is. This message sparks our creativity and frees us to leverage it. Download the web guide right here: Beginnings-Web-Guide-10-16

The Sabbath Meets the 21st Century

October 2  Genesis 2:1-3 God made the earth in six days and then he rested on the seventh. He made that day holy, and he has commanded that we too have a holy day. This message considers the theology of Sabbath, and it challenges our me-centered church expectations. Download the web guide right here: Beginnings-Web-Guide-10-2

Who Am I & Why Am I Here?

September 25  Genesis 1-2 Only inventors know the purpose of their inventions and how they function best. It is only by revelation from the Creator not speculation by the creature that we know our purpose and plan. This message explains who we are and why we are here. Download the web guide right here: Beginnings-web-guide-9-25