Jericho: The Story of Courage and Disobedience

April 29 It’s hard to get out of our own heads sometimes. But God often asks us to do things in ways that don’t make sense. There’s reasons for this. This message gets us ready to follow God and his wild ways. Download the web guide here: StoriesThatShapeUs Web Guide4.29.18

Joseph: The Story of Confusion and Clarity

April 15 Life often doesn’t go as planned, and often people do bad things to us. This message invites us to believe that God is always in control and able to transform any situation into something good. Download the web guide here: StoriesThatShapeUs Web Guide4.15.18

The Stories We Tell Ourselves (Easter Sunday)

April 1 Our stories are complex and can be told from different perspectives. We frame them as contamination or redemption stories, and then we live them out. This Easter message prompts us to see our story redeemed in Jesus’s story. Download the web guide here:  

How Stories Work

March 25 “Once upon a time there were ten virgins…” and so the story begins. Once it’s over, we’ll be different. Stories do that. This message shows us why God uses stories and how we can benefit from listening well. Download the web guide here: StoriesThatShapeUsWebGuide3.25.18