Re-Gifting My Incredible Life

December 23 Jesus came to earth for one overriding purpose. He showed us and equips us how to live well. Let’s consider how we can re-gift our incredible, Christ-following life and reproduce that life in others. Re-Gift Web Guide 12.23.18

Re-Gifting My Prayers

December 16 Jesus paved the way for a personal and powerful relationship with him. He offers a conversational life through prayer where he responds to our requests. Let’s consider how we can re-gift our prayers and re-open a blocked path for others by praying for them. Re-Gift Web Guide 12.16.18

Re-Gifting My Goods

December 9 Jesus promised to provide for our physical needs. Often, he does that abundantly, and not solely for our benefit. Let’s consider how we can re-gift our goods and revivify hope in others. Re-Gift Web Guide 12.9.18

Re-Gifting My Forgiveness

December 2 Jesus came to offer forgiveness. It’s undeserved by us, but the only way our relationship with him is restored. Let’s consider how we can re-gift forgiveness to others and rebuild our relationship with them. Re-Gift Web Guide 12.2.18