The Bottom of the 9th: Evidence for the Resurrection

November 11 As 1 Corinthians starts to close, the end of time comes into view. Paul explains the gospel and defends the resurrection of Jesus, which is at the heart of the Christian faith. This message equips us to understand both the gospel and the reason to believe Jesus came back from the dead. RallyCaps2 Web…

The Green Monster: The Problem with Tongues

November 4 The green monster is not a fence in left field, but the evil-eyed feeling of envy. A few people in Corinth had some flashy spiritual gifts and they liked flashing them. Others wanted them. This message guides us through Paul’s important teaching about the flashy gifts, especially the gift of speaking in tongues. RallyCaps2…

The Heart of the Team: Love

October 28 When Paul coached his team, he eventually got to the heart of the issue. He talked about love. This message takes his classic love passage and shows us how practical and necessary love is. RallyCaps2 Web Guide 10.28.18

There’s No Crying: Men & Women Teammates?

October 14 There was a cultural issue in Corinth about who should wear a head covering, but it stirs up contemporary issues of how men and women are to relate. This message investigates the ideas of differences, similarities, and authority between men and women and how or if we can play on the same team. RallyCaps2…

Season Killers: Taming Temptation

September 30 The Corinthians had forgotten the tragedy of the Jewish people, who were rescued by God and then rejected by him when they refused a commitment to him. This message reminds us of the lure of temptation and gives us some tools to overcome. RallyCaps2 Web Guide 9.30.18

Winning Ways: Being Incarnational & Missional

September 23 Paul became like people outside the Christian faith so he could convince them to become like him and, ultimately, like Christ. This message discusses what it means to identify with non-Christians to win them while also training to become like Christ. RallyCaps2 Web Guide 9.23.18