What They Didn’t Expect

March 29th, 2015,  Often times people say, “Well, my God isn’t like that,” and what they mean is they don’t want God to be like that, so they refuse to accept it. This message looks at Jesus’s last week before his death and how he disrupted everyone’s vision of the expected Messiah or King. This…

Super Snowy Sunday

February 1st, 2015  It was  a Bona Fide Blizzard in Northern Illinois today and we knew that most of our regular attenders wouldn’t be able to make it to our worship experience. So we used this snow emergency on Super Bowl Sunday as a chance for Pastor Rodney to tell us what God has been…

Vision & Recommitment Sunday 2015

January 25th, 2015  It’s Vision and Commitment Sunday at River Valley, and we are glad you are a part of it.   Next week we get back into our New Year’s teaching series, Eating Elephants: Bite-sized Victories for Your Eight Biggest Goals. But today Pastor Rodney will give a brief message that reminds us of our mission. He will…

Pastor Jepthe Lucien –God is Faithful

October 19th, 2014   Today’s sermon comes from Pastor Jepthe Lucien. Pastor Jepthe is our partner in our ministry in Haiti and he leads the mission and church planting efforts there. Download the web guide here; 2014-10-19WebGuide

Trusting The King

October 12th, 2014 1 Kings 17:8-15  Today’s sermon comes from Rick Wager, the campus pastor at The Chapel Palatine. He will teach us about knowing and trusting the King from the life of the Prophet Isaiah. Download the web guide here; 2014-10-12WebGuide

Kairos Moments

August 31st, 2014   Mark 1:14-15  The way of a Christian can seem cluttered, but it is really quite simple. A Christian is a Christ-follower, and our primary responsibility is to follow. This message sparks our desire and trains us in how to follow every day. Download the Web guide Here; 2014-8-31WebGuide