I Want a Better Life than Christians Have

August 24th 2014 (John 16:16-32) If I don’t see Christians living any better than me, why would I want to become a Christian? If Christianity is all about sacrifice and goody-goody, why wouldn’t I just stay as I am? This message reveals the enticement of the deeply joyful and peaceful life that Jesus truly offers….

I Don’t Feel Like the Sinner You Say I Am

August 17th 2014 (John 16:5-15) If I don’t feel the need to paint my house, will I paint it? And if I don’t feel the need for church or Christ, why would I seek either one? This message teaches a deep truth about how people become aware of their sins and interested in seeking Christ….

Christians Offend People (and Are Just as Stressed as Me)

August 10th, 2014 (John 15:18-16:4) If the Christian message confronts a person’s beliefs and actions, they may listen. But if the message is delivered callously, shouldn’t the messenger be shunned, or worse? This message explains the challenge of testifying to people in opposition. Download the web guide Here; 2014-8-10WebGuide

Churches Hurt People

August 3rd, 2014 (John 15:9-17) If I used to go to church but no longer do because of a bad experience, why should I come back? If churches hurt people, why do people go to churches? This message acknowledges that church pain is the worst but church love is the best, and it shows us how…

I Tried It, but It’s too Hard

July 27th 2014 (John 15:1-8) If Christianity is about changing character and conduct but we fail at that, why would we come to church to be told to do more changing? If we want a great life, why can’t we just go get it? This message reveals the real secret to the easy accomplishment of…

I Tried It, but God Never Spoke

July 20th, 2014 (John 14:15, 21, 23-24) If someone tries something and finds what people claim about it to be false, why would they keep trying? If people claim God speaks, but we explore Christianity and never hear him, why would we think it is true? This message reveals the secret to literally hearing God. Download…

I Don’t Have Time for Rules and Religion

July 13th, 2014 (John 14:17-18) If the church teaches rules and makes you do religious things, who would willingly participate? If God is not personal, then isn’t Christianity empty? This message introduces us to the concept that God is personal and invites us to know him personally. Download the Web Guide here; 2014-7-13WebGuide

We All Worship the Same God

July 6th, 2014  (John 1:8-13, 16-20) If we all worship the same God, why should anyone go to a church that claims to worship a different God? Aren’t all religions the same? This message reveals the biblical God as Trinity, and explains how important that is.  Download the Web Guide Here; 2014-7-6WebGuide

Jesus Was Just a Decent Coach 

June 29th, 2014 (John 1:4-7) If Jesus is simply a good teacher, why should we worship him? Is it logical that one who taught that he was God could be a respected coach if he were wrong? This message looks at Jesus’s own words and the evidence to support it to figure out who he…

There Is Nothing beyond This Life 

June 22nd, 2014 (John 14:1-3) If this life is all there is, why wouldn’t we just do whatever seems best for us? But, what if there is more than this life? This message reminds us of the hope of heaven. Download the Web Guide here; 2014-6-22WebGuide