I Ask… God Answers

November 24 When we pray, God answers. Jesus promised he would. What do you believe about that? This message asks us to consider how God answers prayer and what we should expect. Just Ask 11.24.2019 Web Guide

I Ask You to Protect Me

November 17 Difficult things happen. But something deep and wonderful appears when we start asking God to protect us. This message answers why bad things might happen and what good it is to ask for protection, even if it doesn’t always come. Just Ask 11.17.2019 Web Guide

I Ask You to Provide for Others

November 10 Prayer is productive and difficult. To ask God for things for others is a loving and costly task. This message moves our focus onto others and stirs us to ask on their behalf. Just Ask 11.10.2019 Web Guide

I Ask You to Take Pity on Me

November 3 We do a lot wrong, and if we don’t want to be punished, we have to ask for forgiveness. But we need to be in an asking state for so much more than just forgiveness. This message teaches us to lift our asks while bowing our pride. Just Ask 11.3.2019 Web Guide

I Ask You to Provide for Me

October 27 There is some trouble that comes with our success at providing for ourselves. We start to think we are in charge. This message explores the importance of daily asking for necessary provision and why we would do that. Just Ask 10.27.2019 Web Guide

I Ask You to Rule

October 13 The struggle of wills and wars is tremendous. There is no greater struggle than the battle to be our own rulers or to submit to God’s rule. This message opens our eyes to the battle and calls us to diligently ask for and surrender to the Kingdom of God in our everyday lives….

I Ask You to Make Your Name Great

October 6 Nothing will go right until we understand our creator and relate to him correctly. So, we must ask God to reveal himself so he gets his due respect. This message reminds us how great God is and how great the need for others to see his greatness. Just Ask 10.6.2019 filled

Who Is It We Are Talking To?

September 29 Prayer is talking to God about what we are doing together, but we must remember who God is. If we forget, we’ll stop praying or we’ll pray destructively. This message helps us remember. Just Ask 9.29.2019

Does Prayer Change Anything?

September 8 Does prayer do anything? Our belief about that answer impacts our motivation and our method of praying. This message answers that question and shores up some critical realities related to the effectiveness of prayer. Just Ask 9.8.2019 Filled