Merry Jesusmas!

December 18  Luke 2:8–20 Merry Jesusmas. God’s first words about Jesus after his birth are meant for us too. This message prompts us to listen to the angelic announcement the shepherds heard, watch their obedience, and see who Jesus really is. Download the web guide right here: Jesusmas Web Guide 12-18

Living from the Jesus-Center

December 11  Philippians 2:12–13 Many have tried Christianity, failed, and walked away. Who can blame them? But what if they never really lived Christianly? Christianity is not about trying to be better for Jesus; it is about Jesus being better in and through us. This message shows us how to live from the Jesus-Center. Download the…

Putting Jesus in the Center

December 4  Romans 1 Christmas is a fabulous time of year that contrasts our greatest hope and our biggest struggle. The stuff of Christmas can replace the Christ of Christmas. This message guides us to put Jesus back into the center of everything. Download the web guide right here: Jesusmas-Web-Guide-12-4