Presentation–Sharing the Goods

April 13th, 2014 John 4:1-42  We chow on free samples because we are hungry and they are enticing and they are offered to us without strings attached. This message demonstrates how to share Jesus in the same way with people so that they take the free sample and long for more. Download the web guide…

Preparation–Getting Ready and Motivated

April 6th, 2014 1 Peter 3:15  Ingredients alone don’t make a treat. They need to be prepared and put together in an appetizing way. This message gets us ready and motivate to introduce people to Jesus. Download the web guide here; 2014.4.6WebGuide

Ingredients–Understanding the Gospel’s Content

March 30th, 2014 1 Corinthians 15:1-8  Every recipe begins with a list of ingredients. Accurate inclusion produces good things. Misunderstanding makes a mess. This message clarifies the major aspects of the gospel to help you anticipate your free sample. Download the web guide here; 2014.3.30WebGuide