Isaac Fathered: Faith to Bless Your Children

June 19  Father’s Day  (Hebrews 11:20) All children long for the blessing of their dads. Isaac gave it to his twins and you should give it to your children. This message explains the value of the blessing and challenges dads to give it. Download the web guide right here: Faith in the Unseen web guide 6-19

Others Died: Faith to Be Faithful No Matter What

June 12  (Hebrews 11:35b–39) Faith is not a tool to receive an easy life. Many people throughout history have faithfully served God and been tortured and killed. This message encourages us to be faithful no matter what. Download the web guide right here: Faith in the Unseen web guide 6-12

Israelites Walked: Faith to Know there Are Different Destinations

June 5 (Hebrews 11:29) There is a lot of pressure to believe that all people are loved by God and going to heaven. Reality is different. God protected the Israelites as they walked through the Red Sea, but they saw God use that same Sea to devour the Egyptians. This message empowers us to accept…

Rahab Risked: Faith to Do What Is Right

May 29 (Hebrews 11:31) Knowing right from wrong is sometimes difficult. Doing right when wrong is more convenient is even more challenging. Rahab risked death to save God’s leaders. This message drives us to do the right thing all the time. Download the web guide right here: Faith in the Unseen web guide 5-29

Noah Built: Faith to Stand Alone

May 22 (Hebrews 11:7) It is easy to go along with the crowd, and it is difficult to be in the minority. Noah was chosen by God to live through the flood, but he had to build an ark against the pressures of peers and the jeers of the crowd. This message challenges us to…

Abraham Went: Faith to Go when the Destination Is Unknown

May 15 (Hebrews 11:8) We long to know exactly what God has planned for our lives, and we often get stuck waiting for certainty. Abraham modeled faith by moving on what he knew even though there was much he didn’t know. This message spurs us to go to unfamiliar places with uncertain plans whenever God…

Jochebed Mothered: Faith to Fight for Your Children

May 8  (Hebrews 11:23) Mothers have one of the most critical roles on the planet, and one critical part of mothering comes when your kids are at risk. Moses’ mother went to great risks to save his life and prepare him for life. This message encourages mom’s to do what you instinctually feel, to courageously…