September 1 We grow and accomplish when we risk. When we risk, we are vulnerable. We won’t be vulnerable with people we don’t trust. This message launches us into safe relationships where we can receive the power to risk. 7 Things Web Guide 9.1.19 PDF Brené Brown’s TED Talk


August 25 When we receive salvation, we want to tell everyone, for a while. Often, we are trained by our fears and our failures to keep silent about the good news. This message prods us to find new ways to stir interest and shine the light of Jesus into our daily words. 7 Things Web Guide…


August 11 Everything we have can be used to develop life or to depress it. This message talks about the importance of generosity and how as generous people we can regularly bless others and ourselves. 7 Things Web Guide 8.11.19 PDF


August 4 Sin is not a pretty word, and its impact is ugly. It breaks our relationship with God and bleeds his life from us. This message calls us to repent and to do so seriously. 7 Things Web Guide 8.4.19


July 28 Most people associate church with worship and worship with songs. But worship is more than singing, and true worship is vital to life. This message investigates worship and invites us to engage. 7 Things Program 7.28.19


July 21 We are built for relationships, and our primary relationship is with God. He longs to be with us and to love us. This message guides us to enjoy a personal, conversational relationship with God. 7 Things Web Guide 7.21.19


July 7 One of our major purposes is to serve. Each day we choose what we will do with the abilities and opportunities we have. This message frees us to focus on others routinely and help them. 7 Things Web Guide 7.7.19